I have always received the question; How did you get the Name ‘The Organic Guy’? What was the event that triggered it or who started to call you by the name? — In this short summary, I try to lay out some of the history up untill this point!

The Organic Guy At an Exhibition With The Deputy President Of Kenya Dr. William Ruto

An Organic Upbringing!



Well, be honest with me; what comes to your head first when you heard the word Dubai? Let me take a guess. Mmmmmh, The burj Khalifa? (The world’s tallest building?), The Dubai frame? The Dubai aquarium? What about the mall of emirates? Oh sorry, I know what you’re think…

Nearly everyone has some idea of what organic agriculture is. There are lots of ideas out there. At least some of them are wrong. I’ve also found recently that it’s not a topic that is brought up easily in the “conventional” agriculture world.

The Organic Guy with Mr. Kamau on his farm weeding!

As we all know,The population of the…

Generally,Agriculture was practiced for thousands of years without the use of artificial chemicals up until the mid-19th century when several advances were made in agriculture including use of Artificial fertilizers,chemical pesticides and several other agricultural techniques.These …

A Farmer using an ox-drawn plough to cultivate his land.one of the oldest methods of land cultivation used in agriculture.

Most people have heard of organic agriculture and have at least a partial idea of what it means. More and more people are buying at least some organic foods, and more and more farmers are growing them. Organic products are now available in most mainstream groceries. But despite the widespread…

The Organic Guy

On a mission to live an Organic Lifestyle 🚀

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