BIOFACH 2022 RECAP: Here Is What Happened 📝

The Organic Guy at BIOFACH 2022, in Nuremberg, Germany

The summer edition of #BIOFACH2022 was nothing short of spectacular. It was my first time attending this world’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food in Nuremberg, Germany and I guess it’s fair to say that it won’t be my last. The fair gave me chills and reminded me of how powerful and interconnected the organic movement is.

The Experience

At BIOFACH, I saw people from across the world with different cultures, languages, and beliefs brought together by the simple idea that there is a better way of growing food, which is organic. The fair gave me the pleasure of meeting in person great people doing fantastic work in the organic movement for the first time.

More than 24,000 trade visitors from 137 countries and about 2,276 exhibitors from 94 countries gathered together at this premier trade fair. This year’s congress theme provided an opportunity for the participants to dive deep into the principles of the organic movement which are most of the time overlooked.

The conversations helped highlight how organic makes agricultural and food production systems more resilient and climate-friendly.

Various exhibitors at BIOFACH 2022

Opening Ceremony.

The opening ceremony saw the attendance of Janusz Wojciechowski, the EU commissioner for agriculture, Cem Ozdemir, German federal minister of food and agriculture, Marcus Konig, chairman of the supervisory board of Nuremberg Messe and lord mayor of the city of Nuremberg, Karen Mapusua, the president of IFOAM Organics International among others all who spoke highly of the role that organic can play in transforming our food systems for the better.

Mrs. Karen Mapusua was very gracious with her time and I got a chance to chat with her about her Priorities as president of IFOAM Organics International, Youth, Women & Organic’s Role On Transforming Food Systems. Have a listen to the full conversation here 👇.

Experiences in the fair’s sessions.

Organic Market in Europe

I got a chance to attend several sessions and one of them was on the sharing of data on the state of the organic market. At a glance, the EU data that was presented by Dr. Helga Willer of FiBL showed that there were about 417,977 producers, 84,799 processors, 17.1 million hectares, and about 52 billion-euro in market size.

State of the organic market in Germany

The UK which is no longer part of the European Union saw another strong year for the growth of the organic market, with 5.2% growth making the market to be now worth over £3bn. I got a chance to talk more with Mr. Lee Holdstock, the Trade Relations Manager at the Soil Association where we talked more about the data. Have a listen to the full conversation here 👇.

Organic in the USA, Australia & Africa.

Tom Chapman, CEO of Organic Trade presented that the US market had surpassed 63 billion dollars this is despite value-chain disruptions, due to COVID. David Amudavi, Executive Director of Biovision Africa Trust showed the huge role that Africa could play in the organic movement with its more than 2 million hectares of certified organic land.

David Amudavi, Executive Director of Biovision Africa Trust presentation at BIOFACH

Karen Mapusua, the President of IFOAM Organics International shared the Oceania data where they saw a growth of 38% in certified operations since 2011 showing how Australian consumers are choosing organic for environmental reasons, health, and animal welfare. Got a chance to chat with Mrs. Niki Ford, the CEO of Australian Organic LTD where she updated us on the state of organic in Australia, can check out the conversation here 👇.

Organic and regeneration

Got a chance to as well have listened to a really great conversation on regenerative organic and the organic movement on whether they are friends or foes. moderated by Paul Holmbeck and presented by Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive director of regen organic alliance.

It was interesting for me to see the differences in dynamics between the organic movement in the USA and its challenges, most of which Regenerative Organic Alliance is trying to address in Europe and down under in Australia where largely these issues are already covered by the legislation.

Paul Holmbeck and Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive director of regen organic alliance.

One of the most inspirational sessions was organic heroes; where we got a chance to see some of the most inspiring organic best practices at work. Paul Holmbeck, the Grand Prix winner of the One World Award 2021 shared his inspirational work on what it takes to draft a policy framework that works.

He played a critical role in drafting a policy that was backed by all of Denmark’s nine political parties, and contributed to the city of Copenhagen serving about 80,000 public meals daily with 86% organic ingredients among other achievements! I also got a chance to chat with him about his work, check out the conversation here 👇

Organic Products at BIOFACH

Of course, the world’s largest trade fair of organic food products wouldn’t be complete without a display of a great collection of organic products. You name it, there was an organic product.

At the BIOFACH Novelty Stand, there was a display of the best new products from different categories including Fresh food, Frozen food, cooking & baking, snacks & sweets, and Drinks among others which saw people vote for their best products.

Organic food products display at the BIOFACH Novelty Stand


With the Congress theme for BIOFACH 2023 looking to answer a tough question of what’s the connection between healthy soil and healthy people, Next year’s fair already promises fun and excitement. The next iteration of BIOFACH and VIVANESS will take place from 14–17 February 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.


XOXO, The Organic Guy.



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