I have always received the question; How did you get the Name ‘The Organic Guy’? What was the event that triggered it or who started to call you by the name? — In this short summary, I try to lay out some of the history up untill this point!

The Organic Guy At an Exhibition With The Deputy President Of Kenya Dr. William Ruto

An Organic Upbringing!

Omoke Ogaro Brian Famously known as ‘The Organic Guy’ Was born and raised in kisii county, in western Kenya. Raised by his grandparents, He witnessed first hand the agricultural practices of her grandmother, who was one of the successful farmers in the village. Being raised in such agricultural setting, he was actively involved in helping out in the farm and also taking care of the livestock.

The Organic Guy with Mr. Mwanzia an organic farmer at Nyumbani childrens Home located in Nairob, Kenya

It wasn’t until 2013 when he joined Egerton University, Which is One of the premier Agricultural university in East Africa to study for a bachelors in Agriculture that he realized his grandparents were organic farmers as a result of their practice of organic principals. His grandmother implemented practices such as caring for the soil through the application of manure, crop rotation, had several varieties of crops on the farm, mixed farming and most importantly never used any synthetic pesticides and fertilizers among other practices.

Talk about Adversity!

Unfortunately 2 years into his bachelor studies, he was discontinued from university and this is where everything hit the wall. With the future looking blink and uninspiring, he turned to the only thing he knew best, Organic Farming. At this point when life lost meaning and even contemplated suicide, organic gave him meaning. And without much to do at this point in his life, he started a blogpost which he named Think Organic’ to share the little he knew about the organic movement back in 2016.

With the future looking blink and uninspiring, he turned to the only thing he knew best, Organic Farming.

With his thirst for knowledge, He enrolled at the Kenya Methodist University to continue with his bachelors studies in agriculture. Its here that the term ‘The Organic Guy’ was born due to his reputation of talking about organic most of the times. Here, he was part of a group of student who came together and formed an agricultural club which helped transfer knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices to the neighboring farmers at the university.

Okay, Let’s Talk Organic Entreprenurship!

In October 2018, The Organic Guy graduated with a bachelors first class Honours in agriculture from the Kenya Methodist university. The Organic Guy saw his blog post website ‘Think Organic’ get nominated to a reality TV Show Dubbed Blaze Be Your Own Boss TV Show by Safaricom an experience that helped him start Think Organic Kenya — Which is an organic e-commerce on a mission to ensure easy access to organic products affordably and conveniently.

The Organic Guy besides a Think Organic Kenya Poster during an event.

Other project he has started include; Organic Adventures — Which is on a mission to enable individuals to experience the organic magic and help them get close to nature. Youths For Organic — A global youth movement that is creating the NEXT generation of organic leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers, policy makers among others and Organic Investor — Who’s aim is to invest in organic farmers.

The Organic Guy & The Organic Movement

The Organic Guy has worked extensively with various organizations within the organic movement which include Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) where he worked as an intern, He works as a Marketing Officer at Organic Consumers Alliance (OCA), He is an Ambassador for Route to Food, Member, Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) and is also an Organizing committee member, Kenya Organic Food Festival and Exhibition (KOFFE)

The Organic Guy With Dr. André Leu — The executive director of regeneration International.

Over the years, he has gathered several certificates among them being Organic Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) by IFOAM — Organics International, Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) by Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Ecosystem Services Training by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Entrepreneurial Skills training by Centonomy Ltd, Sustainable Entrepreneurship by Start Hub Wageningen among others.

Wageningen University & Research

The Organic Guy is pursuing a masters in Organic Agriculture at Wageningen University & Research and also hosts a weekly podcast called ‘The Organic Guy Podcast’. He also discusses hot topics in the organic sector in a segment called ‘Organic View’, He sends a Monthly Newsletter and also hosts a monthly book review called ‘Organic Book Club’. The Organic Guy’s mission is to live an organic lifestyle while helping farmers create wealth through organic farming!

The Organic Guy At Wageninegn University & Research

On a mission to live an Organic Lifestyle 🚀